about hughesandhughes - AboutI am Christopher Parkes and I was born in Ireland in 1990. I have always liked books, as my mother was a librarian for more than 20 years. Today, I firmly believe that literature should not be something abstract but an exciting lifestyle.

I found that every book I read transformed my way of thinking and enriched my knowledge about life.

One day, talking to my wife about my life experience, I found I needed to create and put up a literature website. This is when we started Hughes and Hughes together. This magazine contains everything a good reader needs no matter if you are just starting or are a long time book lover.

I worked in more than 5 literary companies in different cities around Europe, which has given me the ability to educate avid readers from all over the world.

At Hughes and Hughes, we are committed to posting detailed and accurate information on all literary events in the world. We focus not only on books but also on authors to let you know important details about their writing.

Additionally, you can find information about each event where the art of writing is showcased to people from all over the world.

In each article that we post, we talk about what the reader wants to learn without looking elsewhere and getting lost in the attempt. Each article contains details and information that we have previously analyzed and prepared for you to encourage your passion for reading.

We are not just another website, as we are the place that gathers everything our readers need to know about the literature of Ireland and the whole world.