4 Different Websites to Read and Buy your Favourite eBooks

The advantage of technology is that you don’t need to leave home to get what you need. Buying a digital book is very easy nowadays, no matter where you are in the world. There are many websites where you can purchase the titles you love at a great price. Here we show you five websites where you can do it.


Leader and pioneer in the sale of electronic books, Amazon has over 1 million titles in its collection. You will always find discounts and promotions to buy books in different digital formats.

You can purchase a monthly subscription called Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 per month and read everything you want.

4 different websites to read and buy your favourite ebooks Amazon - 4 Different Websites to Read and Buy your Favourite eBooks

Boox Total

Perhaps you have been disappointed half-way through a book you are reading and feel that your money went down the drain. With Boox Total, that problem is over since you are going to pay the percentage of what you have read of a book.

If you have purchased a book and have not yet started reading it then you will not be charged anything. At the moment it is available for Android devices and Amazon Fire.


On this website, you will find over 500,000 books and 70,000 of them for free. Ideal for reading new titles by emerging authors as the site allows new writers to publish their writings at no additional cost.

There are many formats in which you can download books. It has a search filter that ranges from counting by word to the writing style you are looking for.


Kobo knows what you like and suggests content similar to what you read because it uses an algorithm that monitors what you read. This site offers over 5 million titles and they are also manufacturers of electronic reading devices. It is available in different versions for Android, iOS and Windows.

There are more websites, but we assure you that you can find the book you needon any of thesesites. Play Ruby Fortune in between books so you can gamble away and have fun, clearing your head up for another new story. Technology is in our hands, let’s take advantage of it.