4 Best Gadgets to Read Books

How we read have changed a lot with the arrival of digital technology. You don’t need to have a large bookcase to store your books. When you have to move, you don’t need to pack all your books in boxes with the risk of damaging some along the way.

Digital reading has great advantages such as the fact that you can just google anything you didn’t understand while reading. No need to have multiple dictionaries that take up space.

When we read digitally, we help Mother Nature by saving paper that used to be spent in printing millions of book copies. Here we show you 4 gadgets that will enable you to read digitally.


Amazon brings book lovers this powerful tool. It is like a tablet that pretty much works like a digital library where you can comfortably read all the books you want. Amazon launched an app for Android and Apple that comes with the same features as the Kindle device itself.

The advantage of the device compared to the application is that it is dedicated only to reading. A kindle has a battery that can last for days, plus it doesn’t distract you with message notifications like your Smartphone.


This device is the biggest competitor to Kindle as it is a very similar type of gadget. Kobo is waterproof and has a large screen that makes reading easy no matter where you are. It also stores over 5 million books in its library. Kobo supports most popular reading formats, as it is a high-compatibility gadget.


It is a Barnes & Noble device that has a large number of titles and allows you to import others in EPUB format and PDF files. It is water and dust resistant, which makes it a lovely gadget to take everywhere. The arrival of the Kindle has made readers leave this wonderful gadget behind.

Amazon Fire

It’s like having a Kindle but improved since you can synchronize both audiobooks and printed books without losing any information. It also has a web browser feature that is advantageous when you want to research something related to what you are reading.

Another great advantage of its internet connection feature is that it allows you to enjoy little breaks and visit sites like Lucky nugget Ireland. Keep in mind these gambling breaks will leave your mind fresh and ready for some more reading.

There are no excuses not to read today as many resources are available to us. We don’t need to have a big bookcase, just the right gadget or app ready.

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